Accounts, Teams, & Permissions Guide

There's no I in team. Who's with me? In this guide you'll learn all about the different types of users inside of an organization's account and exactly what they can and can't do.

Dscout uses two different permission levels to help you control who can access your entire dscout account, and who can create or view specific projects within your account.

Dscout's Two Permission Levels 

Account Level Team Access

Project Level Team Access

Account Level Team Access

To give other team members access to your company's dscout account and assign those team members appropriate permissions, the person who originally signed up for dscout (called the account owner) just needs to navigate to their profile menu at the top right of the dashboard and click "Account." 

This is also how they'll add/change the credit card associated with the account, or view their transaction history. (The only way to change the account owner is to contact us at

PRO TIP: If you don't see "Account" listed as an option in your dropdown menu, it's safe to assume that you are NOT your company's account owner. If this is the case and you need access to a particular dscout project, contact the person who created that project at your company. If you need to create your OWN account, shoot us a note at


Click "update billing info" to add or change the credit card associated with your account. Click "add more credit" if you'd prefer to pay for dscout by adding a lump sum to your account that is debited when you launch missions and screeners.


Use this page to see your payment history for screeners and missions. If you're screening with dscout, we'll email you a separate receipt for scout incentives at the conclusion of your project.


This is where you'll add colleagues who need access to your dscout account, and give them admin permissions if you so choose.


Want your colleagues who are marked as account admins to have access to the billing, transactions, researchers, and permissions pages? Just turn the first toggle below ON.

Want your colleagues who are marked as account admins to have access to all the different projects in your account? Just turn the second toggle below ON.

Want you and your colleagues to be able to reply to scout messages via email? Just turn the third toggle below ON. Be aware that this may risk sharing researcher email addresses or email signatures with the scouts as you're replying, while it's always safe to communicate with scouts through the dscout interface.

Want to turn off automatic email notifications for mission and scout messages for the account owner? Just turn the fourth toggle below OFF. The account owner will still receive important billing information but will be able to choose what notifications they'd like to receive on the project level permissions.

Project Level Team Access

Researchers can also be given access to only specific dscout projects inside of an account. (dscout projects typically consist of a screener and a series of missions.) To create a new project, or see all the different projects you have access to, click the dropdown menu at the top left of the dashboard after logging into

To invite colleagues to a project you've created, just click "permissions" on the top toolbar to bring up the permissions modal. Then type in the appropriate email address and hit enter on your keyboard. Your colleagues will receive an email inviting them to log into dscout and collaborate with you.

Account Owner

There can only be one Account Owner for a dscout account. He or she is the person who originally set up your company's dscout account, and has access to everything.

Project Creator

This person can be the account owner, or anybody the account owner adds as an admin at the account level


Owners have permission to EDIT a specific project. What your colleagues to collaborate with you on your project? Add them as owners. Need to edit a screener or mission inside a colleague's project? Have them make YOU an owner.


Viewers have permission to VIEW or export a specific project's data. They cannot create or edit missions or screeners. They also can't contact scouts. 

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