Account permission levels

Whoever initially creates your organization's dscout account is the account owner by default, which means he or she is the only person who can give anyone else permission to log in to that account. The account owner is also ultimately responsible for billing, and has full access to all project data and account information. (The only way to change the account owner is to contact us at

Account owners can view billing information & transaction history, give colleagues access to dscout, and edit permissions by clicking "account" from the top right dropdown menu. (If you don't see "account" listed as an option in your dropdown menu, it's safe to assume that you are NOT your company's account owner. If this is the case and you need access to a particular dscout project, contact the person who created that project at your company. If you need to create your OWN account, shoot us a note at


Click "update billing info" to add or change the credit card associated with your account. Click "add more credit" if you'd prefer to pay for dscout by adding a lump sum to your account that is debited when you launch missions and screeners.


Use this page to see your payment history for screeners and missions. If you're screening with dscout, we'll email you a separate receipt for scout incentives at the conclusion of your project.


This is where you'll add colleagues who need access to your dscout account, and give them admin permissions if you so choose. If the account owner checks the "account admin" box next to a researcher's name, they'll have permission to create and edit new projects, missions, and screeners.


Want your colleagues who are marked as account admins to have access to the billing, transactions, researchers, and permissions pages? Just turn the first toggle below ON.

Want your colleagues who are marked as account admins to have access to all the different projects in your account? Just turn the second toggle below ON

Want you and your colleagues to be able to reply to scout messages via email? Just turn the third toggle below ON. Be aware that this may risk sharing researcher email addresses or email signatures with the scouts as you're replying, while it's always safe to communicate with scouts through the dscout interface.

Want to turn off automatic email notifications for mission and scout messages for the account owner? Just turn the fourth toggle below OFF. The account owner will still receive important billing information but will be able to choose what notifications they'd like to receive on the project level permissions.

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