Project permission levels

To create a new project, or see all the different projects you have access to, sign into, then click the dropdown menu at the top left of the dashboard. 

To invite colleagues to a project you've created, just click "permissions" on the top toolbar to bring up the permissions modal. Then type in the appropriate email address and hit enter on your keyboard. Your colleagues will receive an email inviting them to log into dscout and collaborate with you.

Account Owner

There can only be one Account Owner for a dscout account. He or she is the person who originally set up your company's dscout account, and has access to everything.

Project Creator

This person can be the account owner, or anybody the account owner adds as an admin at the account level


Owners have permission to EDIT a specific project. Want your colleagues to collaborate with you on your project? Add them as owners. Need to edit a screener or mission inside a colleague's project? Have them make YOU an owner.


Viewers have permission to VIEW or export a specific project's data. They cannot create or edit missions or screeners. They also can't contact scouts. 

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