The Payment Process

Payment timeline and process

After you finish your mission, your mission leader will review your entries. When they approve your entries, they'll let our payments team know to message you in the dscout mobile app (you’ll receive this message via email, too!). This message will let you know the exact date you can expect your reward!

We try our best here at dscout to pay you as quickly as possible for your hard work, but the review process and closing a project can sometimes take longer than expected. Mission leaders might be finishing up some last-minute tasks before submitting the project for payment. Rest assured, however, that as soon as we get the green light, we'll let you know the exact date you can expect your hard-earned reward!

If you don’t receive your payment by end of day (5pm, Central Time) on the specified pay date, please check out our  FAQs and troubleshooting section or feel free to reach out to at

Pay day

On the pay date we specify in the above message, we will send your reward to the email address linked to your dscout account. Payments will go out before end of day (5 PM, Central Time) on the specified pay date. When we send your reward, you’ll get notified via email from PayPal. It’s that simple!

If you’re ever confused about the status of your upcoming reward, feel free to reference your messages in the mission. For previous missions that have been paid out, check out the Rewards Tab on the dscout mobile app.

PLEASE NOTE: Your pay date will vary depending on when your mission leader is done approving your completion in the mission.

Payment methods

Unless the mission references a different reward type, such as a gift card or a specific product, rewards will be paid out as a cash incentive (typically in USD unless otherwise noted) via PayPal. We don’t send rewards in the form of checks or bank transfers.

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