What to know before you begin

What is dscout?

Dscout is a research tool that helps you collect media (photos & short videos), answers to survey questions, and time-stamped location data from people with smartphones. Dscout is particularly good at helping capture experiences over time.

How do researchers use dscout?

Use our secure, web-based platform to design research activities called missions. Each mission is made up of parts, which can be seen as distinct activities that you want your participants to go through.* You can have up to 10 parts, and each part can ask up to 20 questions, including a media prompt. Bring your mission(s) alive with selected participants or recruit from our diverse participant network. Qualified participants, or scouts, will complete your mission by submitting a series of entries through the dscout app.

*DIY projects are limited to 1 part. Subscription accounts can create up to 10 parts.

How do participants use dscout?

Your participants (or scouts from our network) will use their smartphones to answer the questions you've written. You can view, organize, and analyze data in real-time within the dscout web platform.

How can you recruit scouts?

You can recruit scouts to participate in your mission from our network, or you can bring your own! If you recruit from our network, just submit a project request form and we'll work with you to ensure participants are qualified by asking interested scouts to complete a short 15-question survey called a screener. If you screen with dscout, we'll take care of paying scouts once your research is complete, and your missions are closed. If you do NOT screen with dscout, you'll be in charge of incentivizing your participants.

How much does dscout cost?

  • Assisted Projects include help with designing, building, and recruiting for and launching your project. Pricing for Assisted Projects starts at $3,000. Submit a project request form to get a quote that’s specific to your project!
  • DIY Projects are perfect if you already have your own participants and are looking for more of a DIY project. Pricing for a mission starts at $295 for the first 100 participant invitations and for up to 30 days. DIY missions are limited to ONE part (one set of questions that your scouts can answer one or multiple times). If your mission requires more than 100 participants and/or more than 30 days, extension fees of $295 each will be applied. To start building your missions, sign up for an account on our homepage, or if you already have an account, sign in to get started!
  • An annual Subscription gives you the flexibility to run as many projects with as many scouts as needed. You’ll receive a designated dscout advisor who will provide as little or much support as you need, and get access to additional products and features. You can request a call with our team to discuss our subscription offering here.

How do I get started?

You can begin planning your approach and building your missions right this minute at dscoutapp.com! (You'll need to sign up for a free account at dscout.com/research first if you haven't already.) Once you launch a mission and invite participants to it, you can expect to see entries rolling in like the ones below–each of which you can click on to examine.

What's it like to use dscout?

Researchers frequently use dscout to conduct short, targeted projects geared toward collecting preliminary feedback on prototypes. But just as frequently, our clients use dscout to run long, broad projects that aim to identify trends and dig up deep insights on consumer behavior across demographic groups and product categories. So no matter what you're trying to understand, there's a good chance we can help! And if you'd like our legendary in-house team of research professionals to design or analyze your research for you, give us a shout at info@dscout.com.

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