How many questions can I ask in a mission?

You can ask up to 20 questions per mission part, and a mission can have up to 10 parts.

BUT, scouts can answer that same series of questions multiple times, if you want to conduct a diary study. When building your part, you'll indicate the number of times you'd like scouts to answer your series of questions in the minimum entries per scout field. (And to keep your data tidy, only one of those 20 questions* can prompt scouts to take a photo or video).

*DIY projects are limited to one part, and 10 questions

Interview style parts

If you want your participants to answer your part’s questions once, that's just fine! In the example below, David J. only needs to create 1 entry by answering the 5 questions in this part once.

Diary style parts

If you want to take advantage of dscout's experience sampling methodology and have your participants answer your part’s questions multiple times in different circumstances, you'll need to structure your questions in such a way that it makes sense for them to do so.

In the example below, David J. has created 3 entries so far by answering the 5 questions in this part once each day. For suggestions on how to write questions for a diary study style part, take a look at these examples of good mission part design.

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