How much does dscout cost?

There are three ways you can work with dscout - Assisted Projects, DIY Projects, or through a Team Subscription. 

Assisted Projects

Most projects that are run on dscout include help with designing, building, and recruiting for and launching your project. Pricing for Assisted Projects starts at $3,000. Submit a project request form to get a quote that’s specific to your project!

DIY Missions

If you already have your own participants and are looking for more of a DIY project. Pricing for a  DIY mission starts at $295 for the first 100 participant invitations and for up to 30 days. DIY missions are limited to ONE part (one set of questions that your scouts can answer one or multiple times). If your mission requires more than 100 participants and/or more than 30 days, extension fees of $295 each will be applied. To start building your missions, sign up for an account on our homepage, or if you already have an account, sign in to get started!


For the flexibility to run as many projects with as many scouts as needed, we offer annual subscriptions. You’ll receive a designated dscout advisor who will provide as little or much support as you need, and get access to additional products and features. You can request a call with our team to discuss our subscription offering  here.

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