Import scouts into your Live mission

  1. Make sure the scouts you want to invite are rated as Amazing (in a screener) or marked Mission Accomplished (in a Diary mission). If you're bringing external participants, take a look at this article for more help!
  2. Click the invites tab in your Live mission. You’ll have the option to select scouts from a mission or screener you’ve already run.  
  3. Once you have made your selection, click the Import button. This will bring the scouts into your Live mission.
  4. Customize your invitation message.

Launch your Live mission

  1. Tell your research advisor about your upcoming Live mission
  2. Give your mission a name
  3. Fill out the instructions and specs (e.g. session length and reward amount)
  4. Decide if you plan to schedule scouts manually or automatically
  5. Set up a stim board (when sharing media + links with scouts) if you'd like
  6. Write a personalized invite message welcoming scouts to the Live mission
  7. Import scouts into the Live mission
  8. Proofread Live mission draft

Then, go ahead and click launch! The launch button will be in the bottom right corner of the Setup page.

You will be prompted to review and confirm the invite message along with the list of scouts you'd like to invite. 

Once you launch, your scouts will be notified to accept the Live mission invitation. Scouts will be able to accept the invite under the Live tab in their mobile app, or in the email notification.

Next, read about starting up a Live session.

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