When included in a screener, knockout questions automatically disqualify scouts based on certain answer choices you create. These applicants will be skipped to the end of the screener and marked as a poor fit for your research.

To apply knockout options to a question:

  1. Turn the Knockout Question toggle to ONĀ 
  2. Click on the skip logic arrow next to the answer that should terminate participantsĀ 
  3. Select the "Knockout" option.

It's almost always a good idea to begin your screener with a knockout question or two. This will save both you and scouts who wouldn't be at all qualified for your project a lot of time and effort!

Write all your screener questions first, then define your knockout logic afterwards. Moving questions around after defining your knockout logic will cause it to break (disappear), and you'll have to define it again. And we don't want that.

When reviewing the questions in your mission, you'll know which answers terminate applications, but the the applicants themselves won't.

Scouts terminated from knockout questions will be automatically marked as a "Poor" fit, and hidden from your view when you sort through applications.

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