Missions, parts, and entries are the key structural elements of any dscout Diary mission.

A mission is a series of research activities that you ask scouts to complete. Most research projects consist of one mission.

dscout Diary missions usually consist of multiple parts; you can think of parts as distinct tasks you want your participants to complete.  Each part in your mission has its own instructions, unique questions, and timeframe.

Scouts complete each part in your mission by submitting entries. Entries are the bundles of data that scouts send you each time they answer all the questions in a part. Each time scouts answer the set of questions you've written for your part, they create a unique entry – just like in a diary study. 

Some parts require multiple entries, which means scouts are answering the same set of questions multiple times. Other parts may just require a single entry.

In each entry, scouts will answer a combination of open- and closed-ended questions, as well as up to one picture and/or video.

Parts That Require a Single Entry  (interview style)

If you have a specific set of questions you'd like scouts to answer (like a survey or interview guide) you can set up a part in your mission to accommodate this. Just set the minimum entry requirement to one.  In the following example of a mission part, scouts like David have been asked to submit only 1 entry to answer this set of 5 questions. 

Parts That Require Multiple Entries (diary style)

You can also design a mission part so scouts answer ONE set of questions multiple times -- they do this by submitting multiple entries. In the following example, scouts have been asked to submit a minimum of 3 entries in order to capture different snacking moments. Scouts will answer the same set of questions each time they share a snacking moment in a new entry.

Take a photo or 30 second video of the snack you're eating right now! (If you take a video, make sure we can see and hear you clearly.)

What is this snack you just showed us?

Which of the following best describes why you chose this snack on this occasion?

  • healthiness
  • cost
  • taste
  • convenience
  • other (tap to type)

Where are you right now?

  • home
  • someone else's home
  • work/school
  • on the go/in transit 
  • in another public space
  • other (tap to type)
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