First, be sure that you've created your project and added collaborators. Next:

  1. Create and name your Live mission
  2. Define your mission specs
  3. Choose your scheduling scheme

1. Create and name your Live mission

Click on the Live mission card in your project dashboard to create a new Live mission! 

If you've already added a mission or screener to your project, your dashboard may look slightly different. Instead, select "Add new mission or screener" to add a Live Mission.

Once your Live mission draft is created, you can name your Live mission by clicking on the text field in the top subheader where it says “Untitled Live Mission." Don't forget to give your Live mission a name. 

2. Define your mission specs

  • Session length: Choose how long your interviews will last. 
  • Screensharing: Toggle this on if you'd like your scouts to share their screen with you. (Scouts will be required to download a Chrome plugin to enable this feature).
  • Reward: Enter the incentive amount that scouts will receive for participating in your Live mission.
  • Instructions: Write the instructions scouts should follow to participate in your Live mission.

3. Choose your scheduling scheme

On the Schedule tab, choose whether you'd like to schedule your Live sessions manually or automatically

Manual scheduling

Sessions can be scheduled by messaging the scout directly via the Manage tab to find a time that works for both researcher and scout

Manual scheduling requires that the Live mission be launched prior to attempting to schedule a session.

Once your Live mission is launched and a scout has accepted a mission, you'll need to communicate with the scout to schedule a session time.

Then, you'll click on the green “Schedule Now” button and select the exact time and date for the session. This will change the scout’s session status to “Scheduled” and it will send the scout email notification reminders for their scheduled session.

Automatic scheduling

Use automatic scheduling to establish your availability for Live sessions. When scouts are invited, they will be prompted to select from the available time slots.

Note: All fields must be configured when a Live mission is still in draft mode. If all required fields are not provided before launch, a time slot grid will not be made available and the mission will default to manual scheduling.

Follow the steps below to set up your schedule:

  • Select the duration you would your sessions to last, along with the amount of padding time you'd like between sessions.
  • Specify the timeframe you'd like to complete your sessions in by selecting start and end dates.
  • Finally, select a daily start and end time you'll be available to run your sessions. 

Note: Times should be selected based on your local timezone, which will be reflected once you select the start and end dates. You can confirm whether or not you are programming in the correct timezone by checking the timezone specified on the right next to the Time Slots header.

Once you've completed the steps above, a grid will populate with all available time slots for Live sessions. Time slots can be disabled with a simple click. Once disabled, the time slot will appear gray. (Weekends are disabled by default but can be enabled as needed).

  • Blue = Available
  • Gray = Blocked
  • Green = Booked
  • Red = Weekend & blocked

Time slots that have not been booked can be enabled or disabled after launch as needed. Be sure to pay attention to timezones specified in the builder and scout management page.

Next, import scouts and launch your Live mission!

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