dscout Live is our remote interview tool, built specifically with researchers in mind. It allows you to talk to scouts one-on-one, and then review and analyze your data with ease. 

Whether you find scouts through Recruit or bring in your own, it's simple to onboard participants and schedule sessions. 

Features like automatic transcription, stimuli boards, screen sharing, and clip creation make dscout Live well-suited for projects ranging from simple follow-ups to prototype testing.

You can also collaborate with teammates and stakeholders: invite them as session observers, or share clips after your sessions.

Get started with dscout Live

Ready to get started with dscout Live? This tool is available through our subscription offering. If you already have a dscout subscription, just create a project or navigate to an existing project page, and then create a new Live mission.

If you don't already have a dscout subscription, get in touch with us to learn more. 

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