dscout Live offers two ways to schedule your sessions: automatic and manual. You'll choose your preferred scheduling mode when you set up your Live mission.

Automatic Scheduling

Most of the time, it is simplest to use automatic scheduling to establish your availability for Live sessions. This scheduling mode does all the work for you, letting scouts sign up for any available time slot on your mission calendar. 

In order to use automatic scheduling, navigate to the Setup page and click on the Calendar tab. Under Session Scheduling, select "Automatic." 

Once you've enabled automatic scheduling, you can fill out your availability under Schedule:

  • Select the duration you would like each session to be, along with some padding / break time between sessions.
  • Specify the timeframe you would like to complete your sessions in by selecting start and end dates.
  • Finally, select a daily start and end time between which you would be available to run these sessions. It is best to choose a broad range and fine-tune availability later.

Daily start and end times cannot be changed after mission launch. The end date can be extended, and unscheduled time slots can be opened/closed to scouts as needed. Add all potential days to the calendar while in draft mode – from there, you can open/close the slots per your availability. 

Note that times should be selected based on the local timezone of the user who created the calendar. You can confirm whether or not you are programming in the correct timezone by checking the timezone specified on the right next to the Time Slots header.

Once you've completed the steps above, a grid will populate with all available time slots for Live sessions. Time slots can be enabled/disabled with a simple click; you can also click and drag to select multiple sessions at once. Weekends are disabled by default, but can be enabled as needed. After launch, time slots that have not yet been booked can be enabled or disabled as needed.

  • Blue = available
  • Gray = disabled
  • Green = booked
  • Red = weekend (disabled)

So, you've launched your mission and sent your availability out to scouts. What happens next? Scouts will receive an email invitation to participate. Once they complete the system pre-test, they will be able to schedule their session based on your availability. When they select a time, you'll receive a notification to alert you. To learn more about a scout's experience with automatic scheduling, check out this guide.

You can still schedule or reschedule a session manually, as long as the scout has completed the system pre-test. Click Schedule Now to schedule, or click the dropdown box next to the scout’s name to reschedule.

Manual Scheduling

If you have a smaller sample size or would like additional flexibility for timing, manual scheduling might be a good option for your Live session. With this option, you will message scouts directly to schedule their sessions.

Manual scheduling requires that the Live mission be launched before sessions are scheduled. From the Manage page, you can message the scout to find a time that works for both of you. 

Once a scout has accepted a mission and a time has been agreed upon, you can simply click on the green “Schedule Now” button and select the exact time and date for the session. This will change the scout’s session status to “Scheduled” and it will send the scout email notification reminders for their scheduled sessions.

For your convenience, you can easily add a session to your calendar to keep track of sessions. Just click the dropdown menu next to a scout's scheduled session time, and hit "Add to Calendar."  

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