You can ask scouts as many questions as you'd like, spread over up to 10 parts, in a Diary mission!

Question Types


Give scouts a breather or additional context without asking a question.


Ask scouts for up to 1 photo and 1 video per entry to a mission part.

  • Photo
  • Video (30, 60, or 120 seconds)
  • Mixed media: Allow scouts to choose whether they'd like to share a photo or video.
  • Screen recording: Ask scouts to record their phone's screen for up to 2 minutes. (Screen recording questions count as a video question). 


Ask scouts for an open-ended response. 

  • 140 characters: Limit scouts to 140 characters for their response.
  • No limit: Do not apply a character limit to the question response.

Extra for experts: apply the "Headline" marker to a 140-character question, to give each entry a title! This changes the entry title from the date + time the entry was submitted, to the scout's response!

Multiple choice

  • Single select: Limit scouts to 1 answer option.
  • Multiple select: Allow scouts to select multiple answer options.

Turn on "Randomize Choices" to present multiple choice answer options in a random order to scouts. If you use the "Other (Tap to Type)" response option, it will always be anchored at the bottom of the list.


Ask scouts to provide a number. (Be sure to specify the unit in your question prompt).


Provide scouts with a numerical scale for ratings. Scale questions allow you to specify a scale as large as 0-100.

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