Users who are a member role or higher can add collaborators to a project by using the “Add Collaborators” button in the top-right corner of your project homepage. 

You also can add collaborators to projects on your Account page, by clicking the “Add Collaborators” button at the bottom of each project card.

In either case, type in your colleague’s name (if they are already a user on your account) or their email address to invite them to your project. Your colleague will receive an email invitation from to get started.

Can’t wait for your colleague to check out your project? Or maybe your colleague misplaced their invitation email? Re-send them their project invitation link! First, click “View Project Collaborators” within the “Add Collaborators” popup. Then, copy their link to your clipboard by clicking “Copy” next to their name.

Note: when you invite a colleague who is not already a member on your account, their account role will default to viewer. If you are a viewer and need access to member role capabilities, reach out to your Account Owner, who can update your permissions via the Account page. For more information about the different roles you can have on your dscout account, click here

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