Web screeners allow you to recruit and screen scouts directly on the web. You can send scouts a link directly to Web Screeners; new scouts can access Web Screeners via the screener splash page.

Use Web Screeners for hard recruits or internal recruits where scouts are less likely to download the dscout app -- meet your scouts where they are.

1. Create in the builder

Make sure the “Create a Public Splash Page” option on the screener’s Setup page is toggled on. After your screener is launched, both your screener splash page link and the web screener link will be generated (they won’t be visible in draft mode).

2. Send to participants

Web screeners are accessible to Scouts through two methods as previously mentioned:

  1. Screener Splash Page
  2. Direct link

These links can be found in the first section of the Setup page. They can be shared through email, Facebook Advertisements, Forums, etc. -- however you’d like to send a link to your participants!

Only new Scouts will be directed to the Web Screener when they click “Apply now” on the Splash Page. All Scouts who have a dscout account AND have logged into the dscout mobile app, will be redirected to complete the Screener in their app.

Note: Just as researchers are unable to apply to screeners via the app, researchers are unable to apply to screeners via web screeners.

3. Web Screener Flow

The Web Screener flow is fully mobile responsive and can be used on all device types and browsers. New Scouts are first directed to account creation and all current Scouts (who have never logged into the app) are transitioned directly to the Screener questions if they qualify.

Profile Creation

  1. New Scouts are directed to sign up for an account and are required to agree to GDPR-compliant scout terms and conditions.
  2. After agreeing to terms, Scouts are directed through a few questions to set up their profile. They will fill out gender, birthday, and location in addition to setting a profile picture.
  3. If Scout does not qualify for the Web Screener, they will be encouraged to download the dscout app to find other opportunities. 


  1. All question types except for Screen Recording questions are available for use through Web Screeners. Scouts will get an error message if they try to apply to a Screener that includes a Screen Recording Question.
  2. Scouts can take a photo or record a video natively within the browser itself. 
  3. Note: Desktop users can record videos and take photos in Chrome and Firefox, but not Safari. Desktop users on Safari will instead be prompted to upload media. This is a universal tech constraint.
  4. All extended profile questions can be used and they will be saved to the Scout’s profile upon submission.


  1. After the Scout has finished the Screener or if they are knocked out of the Screener, they will be directed to download the app to explore other opportunities.

4. View applications

Applications will be available in the Applications page of your Screener per usual. If the screener was completed on the web, then their Device OS will say “Web” and there will also be details about the browser they used.

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