Within dscout Diary, we offer two mission types: manual and automatic. You can change mission types under the “Part Availability” section within your mission’s Details tab. Understanding when to use each will help you best put the platform to use.

Manual missions

Manual missions allow you to control when Parts become available for scouts to complete. 

This type of mission is helpful when you need scouts to complete a Part over a set number of days. It’s also helpful if you are looking to customize later mission Parts based on responses to earlier Parts. 

Parts can be edited until you publish and open them to scouts. Once a Part has been opened, it cannot be edited.  If you’re using due dates, you cannot change a scout’s due date after you’ve opened a part up for that scout.

Note: Parts must still be opened sequentially (i.e. you cannot open Part 1 and Part 3 without also opening Part 2).

Automatic missions

Automatic missions allow scouts to choose how quickly they complete Parts in their mission. 

As scouts complete the minimum number of required entries for a Part, the next Part will open for them automatically. All you need to worry about is keeping scouts on track with the overall deadline!

This is great for when Parts don’t need to be completed over a specific number of days and scouts are able to go at their own pace—they are even able to finish a mission in one sitting, if they want to!

None of your Parts or due dates can be edited once you launch the mission to scouts, so make sure you test your mission before launching! 

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