Use the mentions feature in the Notes tab throughout dscout to share interesting data or start a conversation with your fellow researchers. 

Mentioning a project collaborator

  1. Click into an individual entry.
  2. Click into the “Notes” tab on the righthand sidebar.
  3. Begin typing “@” and your collaborator’s first name, last name, or username.

As you type, a dropdown list will appear with matching collaborators to select from. Collaborators are mentioned by their username.

To mention all project collaborators in a note, type “@collaborators” or “@collab” in the Notes field. 

As a reminder, notes are only visible to other researchers, not to scouts. No scouts will ever see notes or mentions between researchers

Receiving notification of mentions

Whenever you’re mentioned, you’ll receive an email notification. Email notifications include the note text and a direct link into the relevant application, entry or session in dscout. 

Changing your username

When you create your account, dscout will automatically create a username for you. It’ll be something like firstnamelastname -- it may also have a number at the end. This username is only used for other researchers to mention you in notes -- it’s not used for logging in (you’ll still log in with your email address). 

If you’d like to change your username, navigate to your dscout Profile settings by clicking your profile picture in the top-right corner, then selecting “Profile.” 

Write your desired username in the Username field, then click “Update Profile” to save. You can change your username to any name that is not taken. Usernames must be at least 3 characters and can only contain letters and numbers. 

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