dscout Recruit has been updated! Part of that update included changes to the way we talk about our scout ratings system, and scouts' potential fit for your mission.

This new Potential Fit language is clearer, more precise, and lets you group scouts in the ways that actually matter to you. Here’s the new lingo:

  • Unlabeled: Scouts come in unlabeled by default
  • Good Fit: Good for the mission and a good quality application
  • Possible Fit: A backup option for your mission 
  • Bad Fit: Quality application, but not a good fit for your mission
  • Low Quality: Poor quality application -- didn’t follow instructions, or video didn’t come through, for example

In updating Recruit, we had to update your ratings, too. Here’s how that came out:

  • Amazing → Good Fit
  • Good → Possible Fit
  • Weak → Bad Fit*
  • Poor → Bad Fit*
  • Unrated → Unlabeled

Nothing was migrated to low quality, because we didn’t want to make assumptions about the quality of your applicants.

* We understand that if you were using “weak” and “poor” to mean different things, you might have lost some fidelity in this migration. We’re hopeful that the switch won’t cause too much pain, and that this new rating system will be clearer and easier to use in its stead!

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