Due dates help you to set clear expectations for scouts participating in your research project. The dscout platform allows you to set due dates for each part within your Diary mission.

Program all of the parts in your Diary mission and map out your desired start date and end date for your research. Then decide on the due dates of each individual part and add them to the part overview.

Setting a due date for a part

When drafting a Diary mission, you have the option to set a due date for some or all of your mission parts. To set a part due date, go to the Questions tab of the Setup page: 

  1. Select a part and open the part overview
  2. Toggle on the “Set Due Date” option 
  3. Select a due date and time for the part
  4. Click “Done” to save

Due dates are set in scout local time. If the due date is set as Mon, Jan 1 at 8 PM, a scout in New York and a scout in San Francisco will both have until 8 PM in their local timezone before the part shows as due.

Scouts can still submit entries after the due date passes, but the part will show as “due” in the app. You’ll still need to manually close scouts who have missed deadlines if you don’t wish to offer them an extension.

Overriding a due date

Once a part is opened for a specific scout, the scout’s due date for that part cannot be changed. Since Part 1 opens for all scouts upon mission launch, the Part 1 due date cannot be changed after launch. 

The ability to change or override scouts’ due dates for subsequent parts after mission launch depends on whether you’re running an automatic or a manual Diary mission.

If you choose to run an automatic mission, subsequent parts will open automatically for scouts as soon as they complete the previous part. This means that you cannot override any part due dates for scouts after launch in an automatic mission. 

If you choose to run a manual mission, you will control when subsequent parts are opened for your scouts. For all parts after Part 1, you will have the option to override the part due date for specific scouts when you open the part to those scouts on the Manage page. 

How to override due dates

In a manual mission, you can override the part due dates for specific scouts when you open the part to those scouts:

  1. On the Manage page, select one or more scouts 
  2. Click “Open Parts” 
  3. In the Open Parts modal, click the checkbox for the part(s) you’d like to open to those scouts
  4. Set a new due date for the part(s) for those scouts

Due dates will not change for scouts who already have the part(s) open. 

Viewing a due date for a scout

You can see part due dates for an individual scout in two ways: by hovering over the entry count for a part in the Manage table; and by expanding the scout messaging sidebar, to see the “Due Dates” section.   

To see all scouts with a specific due date, you can filter by due dates in the left sidebar, in the section “Filter by Due Dates,” to select one or more part due dates. This can be useful for taking bulk actions on scouts with shared due dates, like sending a message or opening the next part. 

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