You’ve hand-picked the best scouts, invited them to your mission, and begun preparing for your Live sessions. Now what? 

Meet the Manage Page: your center of command for the rest of your Live mission.

The Manage Page displays a row for each session in your Live mission. Similar to the Diary Manage page, you’ll see rows dedicated to each scout.

These rows include the following helpful information:


This column shows how far along each scout is in the mission process. Statuses can either be Invited, Accepted, Scheduled, Recording, Completed, or Closed.

Scheduled Time

Once a scout has been scheduled, this column will show the date and time of their session. If a scout has yet to schedule their session, you’ll see a green “Schedule Now” button (no matter if you’re using the Automatic or Manual scheduler).

Note: Using the triangle icon to the right, you are also able to reschedule or cancel a “Scheduled” session, add another session with a “Completed” scout, or close a scout entirely from the Live mission.

Session Link 

This column contains hyperlinks to each scout’s unique session link. Send this link to your scout if they’ve misplaced their invitation email!


This column, similar to the Diary Manage page, allows you to communicate with your scouts via message. The number within the bubble indicates how many messages you two have exchanged.


Here is where you’ll select the moderator from the dropdown menu for each Live session. Any researcher added to the project who is member-level or higher can moderate sessions. You can’t begin or join a session until a moderator has been selected! 


Access each individual session in your Live mission by clicking on this button. The button’s appearance changes depending on your role in the project and the session’s status (pre-call, mid-call, post-call). 

  1. The button will be grayed out entirely for all researchers until a moderator has been selected in the Moderator column. Be sure to select a moderator prior to beginning your session.
  2. If you are the selected Moderator for the session, you will see a “Launch Session” button pre-call. 
  3. If you are not the selected Moderator for the session, you will see a “Join as Observer” button pre- and mid-call. Read more about observers here
  4. Once a session has been completed, the button will say “View Session” and link you to the Sessions page of your mission. There, you’ll find the recorded and transcribed version of that particular interview.
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