Located on the Setup page of your screener, the audience tab is where you’ll find all of your screener targeting options. All options you find in the Audience tab are applied pre-screening, meaning that scouts who don’t fit the targets you choose will not even see your screener. What follows is an overview of the options you’ll find on the Audience tab:

  • Choose the ages of scouts who should see your screener. Scouts range from age 13-99.
  • Choose the platform you’re interested in. Scouts can apply to screeners via the Android or iPhone mobile app, or via web screeners.
  • Choose whether your screener should be seen by American or international scouts. Want further international targeting? Get in touch with your research advisor!
  • Toggle on “Target Specific U.S. Markets” to choose if your scouts should only come from specific U.S. metro areas. 
  • Toggle on “Scout Activity Filter” to prevent scouts who have participated in a mission in your company’s dscout account in the past 90 days from seeing your screener. The scout activity filter can be toggled on/off after your screener is launched, unlike other filtering settings.

Note that none of these settings can be adjusted after your screener is launched.

On the right hand side of your screen, view a breakdown of the types of scouts available to you based on your demographic targeting selections. By clicking the dropdown to the right of “Demographics,” you’ll see a breakdown for each profile demographic field we ask of scouts.

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