We built dscout Live from the ground up to serve the moderated interview needs of our customers. With features like automatic transcription, screen sharing, and clip creation, it offers a way to do  more interview work and also socialize learnings. 

Today we're excited to unveil a revamped version of our scheduling feature, making it more flexible for you, our fast-moving customer.

Intuitive Scheduling During Setup

Coordinating with research participants for interviews can be laborious: Setting availability, confirming time zones, and accommodating the inevitable last-minute changes. We heard from you that a scheduler should:

  • Feel intuitive and reflect standardized calendar UIs
  • Afford ease in both session creation and modification
  • Flex to accommodate inevitable post-launch change(s)

To address your biggest pain points, we completely redesigned the Schedule tab of dscout Live

The all-in-one view is interactive when setting up (and moving) time slots: simply click and drag. We've created a bulk generate option to reduce the number of clicks to set your availability, getting you interviewing faster.

Flexible Management After Launch

Once you've launched your dscout Live mission, we've baked-in more useful actions into the Manage tab. Assigning a moderator, messaging the scout, and starting the interview are all accessible within the calendar view. This view can serve as a hub of information, showing you which scouts have yet to schedule, your upcoming sessions, and any outstanding scout messages or questions.

And if you'd rather schedule manually with your participants individually, it's easier than ever: Once a participant is invited and passes the technical pre-test, click "Schedule Now" to set a time. A notification is automatically sent.

We hope this new scheduler lets you focus less on the coordination with your research participants, and more on preparing for and hosting insightful user interviews. The new scheduler is available now in your researcher account dashboard.

If you'd like to try the new scheduler, create a Live mission in your dscout account or contact your research advisor.

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