Note: Not all accounts are set up to use “Activity Credits” as a metric, and may still be using Completes. See your Account Management page to find out if your team is using Activity Credits or Completes, or email your dscout Account Manager if you have questions.


What are Activity Credits?

An Activity Credit is a unit of qualitative data that can be analyzed, e.g. a complete Live interview, or a set of entries in a Diary mission. Activity Credits are tracked to measure your dscout account usage, which helps you and your Account Manager understand the type of subscription and amount of support you need.


How is a “unit of qualitative data” defined?

We understand it’s not exactly possible to “count” qualitative data objectively, so we use the following formula to track Activity Credits, i.e. the units of qualitative data:

1 Activity Credit =

1 Complete Diary activity (formerly known as a Diary "part") up to 5 activities; any additional activities beyond 5 that are completed by the same scout will not be counted


1 Complete Live interview session


1 Express mission entry which has been completed and paid

In other words, one Activity Credit will be counted for any one of the above events during the lifecycle of a dscout subscription.


What is the difference between Activity Credits and Completes?

Like Activity Credits, Completes are a unit of qualitative data that can be analyzed. Activity Credits have replaced Completes as a unit of usage measurement for some (but not all) dscout accounts. If your account has not yet transitioned to Activity Credits and is still tracking usage with Completes, reach out to your dscout Account Manager for information on how your Completes are tracked.


How many Activity Credits can I use during my subscription?

The number of allotted Activity Credits that can be used during your subscription is dependent on your subscription tier, and are shared across your organization. Connect with your organization's Account Owner to find out how many Activity Credits you can use for your project. Unsure who your organization's Account Owner is? Check your dscout account page:



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