When scouts sign up for dscout they agree to robust terms and conditions. However, sometimes an additional layer of security is required. If your account has purchased Informed Consent (previously "Additional Documentation"), your dscout Account Manager is able to upload additional Informed Consent documents to the platform. These consent forms can then be enabled by your team directly on the setup tab of dscout Diary and Live missions or the Recruit tab of an Express mission.

Diary and Live Missions

You can enable the Informed Consent by heading to the Details > Setup page of your mission and clicking the Specs box to expand. If you scroll down, you should see the option to toggle on Informed Consent, then choose the consent form of your choosing from the dropdown menu.

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Once the mission is launched, scouts will be required to sign the Informed Consent before they can accept the mission invitation.

How do I know if a scout has reviewed and signed the Informed Consent?

Once the mission is launched, scouts will not be able to accept the mission until they’ve signed the Informed Consent. So, if a scout has accepted the mission invite and their Mission Status is "Accepted" you can be sure that they have signed the Informed Consent.

Express missions

For Express, a consent form can be added by opening the mission settings (the gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your mission). Select the correct document under "Informed Consent" and hit Save. 

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Did you know that you can make informed consent a requirement to be included in all research prior to launch? Reach out to your dscout contact to find out how. 

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