This referral program is open to Scouts who have signed up for the dscout platform and have agreed to dscout’s Scout Terms and Conditions. This referral program cannot be combined with any other offers. We reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate this program at any time. By participating in this referral program, Scouts agree that they have read and understood this article.

Note: this referral program is currently only available to scouts in the UK. 


How does the referral bonus program work?

Share your link with a friend, colleague, or family member living in the UK who is interested in dscout, and have them sign up using the link so we can track your rewards. Each time a person you’ve referred completes and gets paid for a mission (Express, Diary, or Live), you’ll receive a $2 bonus. You can earn up to $20 total.


What if I invite someone outside the UK?

While we always appreciate more scouts around the globe, this program is currently limited to UK-based scouts only. 


Are there any special rules I should know about?

  1. If you invite a friend, they must use/click on your referral link to download and join dscout for you to be compensated when they earn. We want to thank you for helping grow our community, so please make sure your friend uses your link! We are unable to retroactively pair the folks you’ve referred to your account if they did not use your link to sign up for dscout.
  2. You will receive a referral bonus each time a person you’ve referred completes and gets paid for a mission (Express, Diary, or Live), up to $20 total across all of your referred friends. Any referral bonuses earned by your friends do not count towards your rewards.
  3. Dishonest or misleading behavior will not be tolerated. Scouts are only allowed one account on dscout, and must represent their location accurately. We reserve the right to disqualify any Scout if we suspect dishonest or misleading behavior. 


Is there a cap on how many people I can invite?

No! You can invite as many people as you’d like.


Is there a cap on what I can earn?

Yes, $20 total. Regardless of how many people you refer—1 or 100!—your bonus earnings will be capped at $20. This means that if even one of your referrals is a great Scout, you may reach that cap in no time!


Does earning when my friend gets paid take away from their earnings?

Absolutely not! Your friend will get paid in full for all of their missions. We are giving you a thank you bonus for bringing them to our platform.


When my friend gets paid, do I get paid immediately?

Other than processing time, yes!

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