You have several options for recruiting participants for an Express mission. You can auto-recruit through the dscout panel, invite dscout panel scouts from a previous screener, or bring your own participants via a share link. You must choose a single recruitment approach for your mission  – you can not combine recruitment approaches in a single mission. 

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Auto-recruit from the dscout panel

With auto-recruit, you can recruit Scouts directly through the dscout panel. With this recruitment type, you’ll target your ideal participants through screening questions and targeting attributes. In the Recruit tab of your mission, you can include up to 5 single or multi-select knockout questions and quotas. Any scout who is eligible based on your screening criteria will move directly into the mission after passing your knockout criteria. Your mission will automatically close once you have received your desired sample size of eligible recruits. 

After an entry is assessed for quality, the scout and their entry will be available in the Express mission viewer and put on a 7-day payment hold. During this time, you may review the entry to ensure the scout appropriately responded to all mission prompts. After 7 days, the payment will be automatically released to the scout unless it is flagged for low quality.

Invite your own participants

If you’d like to work with participants outside of the dscout panel, you can bring your own participants to the dscout platform using a share link. There will be no screener questions or targeting attributes in BYO Express missions, so you should only invite pre-screened participants to your mission. You will also be responsible for paying your participants outside of the dscout platform. Learn more about Bringing Your Own (BYO) Participants to New Express

Add from screeners

With the "Add from screeners" option, you can bring participants into Express from a screener run through dscout’s Recruit tool. This approach allows you to leverage Express while giving you the ability to hand-pick your participants. This option also allows you to recruit scouts outside of the US from the dscout panel to participate in an Express mission. Learn more about manually recruiting in Express

Note: scouts invited from a screener to your Express mission will be auto-paid by dscout. Learn more about paying scouts in Express missions here.

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