dscout's latest December 2023 innovations offer more flexibility for capturing high-quality human insights, from moderated to unmoderated studies, empowering your teams.

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  • Usability tests now have heat maps

    When working with a Figma prototype, you can now get a heat map for task-based questions. A heat map displays a range of colors to visualize click activity. Blue represents the lowest concentration of clicks, while red represents the highest concentration in a specific zone. 

    This is helpful in determining where the user's focus lies, identifying areas that may require improvement, and gaining insights into their experience with your product. Elevate your usability tests with heat mapping, learn how to set up your Figma integration. 



  • Multiple moderators in moderated studies
    Inviting multiple moderators to your live interview creates collaboration opportunities and fosters a shared understanding of the user.

    Encourage fellow researchers, designers, product teammates, or other stakeholders to join your next project and bring fresh perspectives to your analysis.



  • Add multiple collaborators at once
    We know that you may need to add many collaborators to a project at the same time. Now, you can add a list of emails to the collaborators modal rather than one at a time. A win for efficiency!

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