Understand your users, test concepts, validate prototypes, and optimize products on your timeline with dscout’s comprehensive usability solution built in dscout Express. 

Usability is the ability for someone to:

  • Access your product or service
  • Complete the tasks they need
  • Achieve whatever goal or outcome they expect

dscout’s usability solution, built in our Express tool, enables you to capture meaningful insights into three areas to determine whether or not a product or service is usable.

  1. Effectiveness: Capture whether a user can accurately complete tasks and an overarching goal with both auto success and self-reported completion data. 
  2. Efficiency: Accurately capture the user's effort and time to complete tasks and an overarching goal through time on task, clicks, and heat maps. 
  3. Satisfaction: Capture how comfortable and satisfied a user is with completing the tasks and goal through task follow-up questions. 

Usability tests on dscout can be run on a prototype or live website and the device type of your choice (desktop or mobile). 

Usability testing device comparison (desktop vs mobile)

Usability tests can be run on either a desktop or mobile (beta) device. Both desktop and mobile usability tests are task-based usability tests, but there are some product feature distinctions which are listed below. 

Build your usability test

Find the right participants

Field your usability test

Analyze the data

Learn more about usability testing from dscout’s People Nerds community: 

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