This month, we are introducing new usability testing capabilities that offer even more options for your studies.


What's new?



  • Run mobile usability tests
    You can now run mobile usability tests on your prototypes and app experiences on dscout! You'll get up to 10 task questions, with 10 minutes of recording for each, as well as photo questions, usability metrics, heat maps, and more.


  • Introducing task success validation
    We've added automated task success validation for those who want an extra level of verification in addition to measuring task success based on self-reporting. You can now set a success web URL on desktop or a success screen in your Figma prototypes on desktop or mobile. 


  • Updated Figma capabilities 
    Add your Figma links a level higher on the study or mission itself rather than at the individual question level, and dscout will collect heat maps for the entire file. With task questions, you can select a starting frame where the participant is directed at the start of each task. Also, y
    ou can now manage all Figma URLs in a mission-level modal, meaning you can see and edit the URLs or prototypes you've added to each task. You can also see which task questions are used in the mission and easily add, remove, or refresh any connected prototypes or URLs from one central place. 


  • Try test mode in Express missions
    Have you ever wanted to test a mission you're setting up before it goes to scouts? With our new test mode, you can now send media surveys or usability tests to up to 5 teammates for internal testing and see test data in the analysis views.




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