This month, we have added new features to account management and enhanced our recruitment options and Express tool.

What's new?


  • Speed things up with passwordless participant signup 
    We've simplified the experience when you invite your own participants to a mission in dscout from a share link. Your participants can sign up in a single click and immediately view mission details without creating a password. This means less account set-up time and a smoother start so they can focus on what matters – your mission. Available in Diary, Express, and Live missions.





  • More ways to visualize data in Express
    There's nothing like having options, in life and your data visualization. Now you can view chart data in Express as actuals, percentages, or both. Choose which view you prefer for that mission from the 'Analyze' tab.



Account Management

  • Require informed consent on all research 
    When scouts sign up for dscout they agree to robust terms and conditions, but sometimes you (and some missions) need that extra layer of security. Your Account Manager* can upload additional Informed Consent documents (such as NDAs) to the platform for scouts to review and opt into before starting the mission. Additionally, we now have the ability to make adding informed consent a requirement prior to launching any research to give you peace of mind that you will always have consent from participants. *This is an add-on available to Core+ / Select / Select + tiers only.




  • Collaborate with your team more easily using our Slack integration
    You can now receive builder comments your teammates leave in the dscout platform as a notification within your organization's Slack, making feedback review that much easier. Not yet using our Slack integration? You're missing out!


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