In order to participate in a Live Desktop mission, you'll need to grant dscout permissions to your computer's camera and microphone. Read more below on how to do this as well as how to troubleshoot if things aren't working as expected:

If you've granted permissions but you're still experiencing camera and microphone issues, check out this article!


Granting camera and microphone permissions

The first time you access the Live pre-test on a new computer, a dialogue box will automatically pop up asking you give permission to use your Microphone and Camera. Click Allow for both. See below:




Troubleshooting camera and microphone permissions

If you've clicked on the Begin Setup button, but the permissions prompts don't show up, try clicking on the Lock icon to the left of the address bar or the Camera icon on right side of the address bar. See below.



Clicking these options should either open up the permissions dialogue box or show that your camera or microphone has been blocked.In the event that clicking the Lock icon doesn't surface the permissions dialogue box, please restart your Google Chrome web browser and try again. 


Managing Google Chrome Web Browser Permissions

As an extra precaution, we recommend taking the following steps to make sure permissions are not blocked for dscout in your Google Chrome web browser:

1. Open a Google Chrome web browser window.

2. At the top right next to your address bar, click on the More icon. This icon will look like three dots stacked vertically and is known as a Kebab Menu icon. 

3. Click Settings at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

4. At the bottom, click Advanced.

5. Under Privacy and security, click Content settings.

6. Click Camera or Microphone.

7. Check if dscout is blocked for Camera and Microphone. If it is, remove the existing exception by clicking on the Delete icon to the right of the site.


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