We're so glad you're interested in learning more about being a research participant! If you're not sure what dscout is or want to learn more, below are a number of questions and answers that will help build your understanding of what dscout is and the role you play as a scout:


What is dscout? 

People all over the world use dscout to give their opinion and get rewarded. As a Scout, you'll answer questions, take pictures, and record videos of moments that matter to you. Organizations use your feedback to shape how they make groundbreaking new products and services. We're here to help you make the world a better designed, more connected place, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.


What does dscout stand for? 

It stands for digital scout. "Scout" refers to the way people use the dscout mobile app to "scout out" new products and services ahead of the pack, and "digital" refers to the way they record their experiences and opinions (digitally, using the app). 


What companies work with dscout? 

We partner with all kinds of organizations, from top name brands you use every day to up-and-coming startups. Sometimes missions will indicate what company is working with dscout to conduct research, and other times organizations partnering with dscout will choose to remain confidential.


Who are Scouts?

Scouts are people just like you who use dscout to give their opinions, get rewarded, and make our world a better place in the process. There are tens of thousands of Scouts in the United States, United Kingdom, and across the globe.


What's it like to be a Scout? 

It's a little like being an audience member at a test screening--except instead of explaining how you feel about a new TV show or movie, you're explaining what you think about all kinds of stuff, from podcasts and fitness trackers to bedsheets and breakfast food. And instead of having to physically go somewhere to give your feedback, you can record your opinion anywhere, anytime with the dscout app on your iOS or Android phone.


How do scouts go about using dscout?

Scouts usually open the dscout app a few times a week to look through available missions to apply to. If you see an interesting mission opportunity, apply for it! We'll review your application, then invite you to a mission if it seems like you'd be a good fit. Read more about the application process here.


Ready to dive in further? We recommend catching up on all the lingo that's unique to dscout here!

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