There are a few ways to get started on a project with dscout. Click the links below to learn more about our options!


Subscription License

A full annual subscription gives your team the flexibility to run more in-context research, with less friction. We can configure a plan that’s right for you based on the number of researchers in your organization, the amount of research you run, and the level of support you’d like from us. 

If you’re conducting more than two or three studies per year, a dscout subscription is the most cost effective and flexible option for you — plus you’ll get access to dscout Live for interviews. 

You can request a call with our team to discuss our subscription offering here. For questions related to your current dscout subscription, get in touch with your Account Owner or your dscout Research Advisor. 


Trial Subscription License

Trial subscriptions are the best way to experience the flexibility and ease of execution you can enjoy with a full annual subscription. Trial subscriptions, much like annual subscriptions, give your team more access, flexibility and services to meet your strategic research goals. Get in touch with our team ( to further discuss your goals and options with a trial subscription.

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