Don't panic! The entries counter in your profile is not a reflection of the applications you've submitted.

An Entry is the set of answers you submit when you're participating in a mission (read more about entries here), not an application. To participate in a mission, you must first be invited to a mission, and to be invited to a mission, you must first apply to a mission (learn how to apply to a mission here).

If you have applied to a few missions, but haven't been officially invited to a mission yet, your Mission and Entry counters will be zero. Check out our glossary here if you need a refresher on the dscout lexicon. In addition, check out the example below for more clarification:


Our good friend Reggie hasn't been invited to a mission yet. He's applied to ten missions so far, but it looks like none of the mission leaders are impressed by his applications yet. Therefore, Reggie's profile will display a counter of zero missions and entries, although he's applied to ten different missions.

Read more about best practices when applying to missions here!

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