Most missions will have a cash reward for those who meet the requirements and finish all activities within that mission. The average range for a mission payout is anywhere from $25 - $150, but you may see reward totals that are higher or lower; it all depends on the time and effort expectations for the mission you were invited to!

If you don’t remember what the reward amount is for a particular project, you can always find that information in your mobile app.

  1. Access either the Missions tab in your app’s bottom navigation bar.
  2. Find the mission in question.
  3. In addition to the number of activities and days, you should see the Reward amount on the mission card.
  4. If you don’t see a Reward amount on the mission card, tap into the mission and read the Mission Overview (instructions here). The reward amount might also be listed there. 

Don't see a reward total? The project team may have a different rewards structure for your mission! Check out this article on receiving "external payments" here.


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