Live is our tool that allows you to engage in remote video sessions with researchers.

Instead of recording a selfie-style video of yourself on your mobile device, you’ll be face-to-face with your mission leader(s) either on your phone or laptop (you'll be told ahead of time which device you should use!). As opposed to typing out a response in the mobile app, dscout Live allows you to answer questions, expand on your thoughts, and provide additional context in real time.

Some Live sessions scouts have participated in the past include:

  • Giving dscout employees feedback on how to make the dscout app better
  • Showing researchers their new tattoos 
  • Explaining what is frustrating and confusing about new products and software
Note: Applying to Live sessions is the same as applying to Diary missions. When browsing open missions in the Explore tab, read through the overview before applying to see if it mentions Live. Researchers may also include a question in the application asking if you're comfortable with a video call; this means you'll participate in a Live mission!
Check out these articles to learn more about Live participation and technical requirements:

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