An Entry is the set of answers you submit when participating in a mission. Typically, you’ll submit multiple entries while participating in a single mission, but each mission will require at least one entry per activity. (Don't remember what an activity is? Read more here)

There are eight different types of questions, which are listed below. Click on each to read more about the question type and how it would be used in a mission about tattoos:


Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions ask you to respond in a free-form, text-based manner. Answers to open-ended questions may have a limit of 140 characters. 


Pro tip: If your entry has a limit of 140 characters, you'll see the number 140 somewhere on the screen (this number will be on the bottom-left corner for iPhones and right under the text box on the right for Android devices). When you type your answer, the number will decrease. If you don't see a number anywhere on the screen, then you can add as many characters as you want.



Multiple choice questions 

Multiple choice questions ask you to select one or more choices from a list.


Pro tip: You'll notice the number of choices you're supposed to select underneath the question prompt in gray. 


Ranking questions

Ranking questions ask you to rank some or all of the response choices from a list. The number of choices you need to rank will be specified above the choice list (e.g. "Rank all 6 choices," "Rank 1 to 3 choices").


Pro tip: Read the directions carefully to fully understand how the response choices should be ranked (e.g. best to worst, favorite to least favorite, etc.)


Media questions

Media questions ask you to submit a video or image about a specific topic. For video questions, the length of the video will be determined by your mission leader and communicated in the question prompt.


Photo questions
Submit a photo or screenshot of something. Researchers may ask you to submit up to 5 different photos for a particular entry.
Video questions
Take a selfie or outward-facing video about a specific topic. The length of the video (30 seconds - 5 minutes) will be determined by your mission leader and communicated in the question prompt.
Pro tip: When you to add a video or photo, you'll have the option of completing the task in real-time. For example, you'll be able to take a picture or video using the mobile app's camera feature. However, if you already have a video pre-recorded or a picture already taken, you can choose to upload from your phone's media storage. Please note that this will require you to give dscout permission to access your media. Read more about granting permissions here.

Screen recording questions

Screen recording questions ask you to share your thoughts aloud while recording your screen on your mobile device. For these questions, please note that you'll be recording everything on your screen while talking out loud.

When you encounter a screen recording question, you'll be shown a tutorial on how to screen record. In case you need a refresher, here's what you'll see depending on your device type!


All Android devices with dscout app version 4.19.0 and above

android1.png Android2.png Android3.png


iPhone 8 and below with dscout app version 3.76 and above

i81.png i82.png i83.png i84.png


iPhone X and above with dscout app version 3.76 and above

iphone1.png iphone_2.png iphone3.png


Pro tip: For privacy concerns, you'll have the chance to close out any personal and private information before hitting the Start Recording button. When recording your screen, please make sure you speak loudly and clearly.



Scale questions 

Scale questions ask you to respond to a prompt using a rating system.



Number questions

Number questions ask you a question to which you can only respond with a number.






Checkpoints aren't technically question types, but you may encounter them throughout a mission. Checkpoints allow our mission leaders to provide further instruction throughout the mission and don't require you to do anything other than read the text.




Questions with question stimuli

Some question types will have images at the beginning of the prompt. These types of questions are designed for scenarios when you need to review one or several images, then respond and react to what you were shown. In order to complete these questions, you'll first need to expand and scroll through all images; then, you'll be able to respond and move to the next question. 

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