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Once your project has wrapped completely (all Diary and Live missions are done), you may choose to mark it as complete from your home page by clicking the box icon in the top right corner of the project section box (circled in green in the screenshot below). Marking your project complete closes all missions and screeners in the project (if they're not already closed) and removes the project from your Home page's main project lists. 

Note: if your account has project data deletion enabled, marking a project as complete will queue your project for deletion. Marking a project as complete cannot be undone.

Here's a quick reference list for what happens behind the scenes and what is impacted by marking a project as complete:

  • All missions and screeners will be closed.
  • Projects cannot be moved out of a completed folder, meaning that marking a project as complete is permanent.
  • Missions and screeners within a completed project folder cannot be copied or moved.
  • Your project will be queued up for project deletion, if enabled at the account level.

Completed projects will still be visible and accessible but out of the way, in the Completed projects list. If your project is queued for deletion by marking it as complete, you will see the number of days left that you have access to the project and its contents.


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