Congrats on completing your study! Closing your mission brings you one step closer to deep-diving into your data.

Follow these steps to close your mission:

1. Navigate to the Setup page within your mission. 

2. Notice the green bar at the bottom of your screen, signifying that your mission is currently open. 


3. Click the “Close Mission” button on the right side of that green bar. 

4. Click the blue “Close Mission” button again in the window that pops up.


Once your mission is closed, the green bar at the bottom of your Setup page will turn purple, signifying that your mission is currently closed.


Additionally, all scouts in the Manage page will have a purple “Closed” box next to their name. 


When you close a mission, scouts can no longer be invited or submit entries. From the scout’s point-of-view, the mission will move from being prominently displayed in their “In Progress” tab to their “Closed Missions” page. Don’t worry! you can still message your scouts when you close your mission.

NOTE: If you accidentally close your mission, please reach out to your Research Advisor through the chat feature as soon as possible.

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