With skip logic, you can jump scouts to a particular question based on their response choice.

In the example question below, only scouts who choose "in the water" will see the relevant short response question that comes next.


When editing a question with skip logic, just click the grey arrow next to individual answers (or the question prompt!) to direct scouts to the question they should see next.

  • Skip logic can be applied to all question types.
  • Multiple select questions can not skip to different question paths (i.e., if option A skips to question 3, option B can not skip to question 5). This is because the platform won't know what to prioritize if a scout chooses multiple options that skip to different questions. 
  • Write all your questions first, then define your skip logic afterwards. Moving questions around after defining your skip logic will cause the skip logic to break (disappear), and you'll have to define it again. And we don't want that.
  • You're not able to program skip logic on the last question in a mission. To activate skip logic on a question you just created, move it up in the question script. 

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