Before creating a Live mission, be sure that you've created your project and added collaborators. Once you've done that, you're ready to create and set up your Live mission! Read more below:

Creating your mission

Create your Diary mission by selecting the "+" icon next to the Diary on the right-hand menu of your project page.

Choose whether you're running a desktop or mobile Live mission.  Read more: Should I use Live Desktop or Live Mobile?

Next, title your mission! Mission names are scout-facing, so be sure that your title is scout-friendly.

To finish setting your Live mission up, you'll navigate through each tab on its Setup page: Details, Schedule, Stimuli, and Invites


Details tab

Fill in the Details tab with the logistical information scouts will need to know to be able to participate in your Live mission. Bolding indicates fields that you must edit in order to launch. 

  • Device type: if you change your mind after initial mission creation but before launching, you can switch your mission's required device type here! Device type is set per mission, so if you want to run desktop AND mobile interviews, you'll need 2 missions.
  • Select a hero image by searching our Unsplash integration. Be sure to save your image selection before moving on!
  • Language: Select the language your interviews will be conducted in. This will change the transcription language and all hard-coded dscout app messaging with participants. 
  • Advanced options: set an internal name if you'd like! An internal name will be visible to you and stakeholders, but not to scouts.
  • Overview: Share an overview of what your Live mission will require scouts to discuss or accomplish.
  • Incentive: Fill in the type and amount of reward scouts will receive, and be sure to notate who's handling payments, so that scouts send questions to the right place.


Schedule tab

Set up your availability using the calendar on the Schedule tab. Note: you will be required to add the same number of time slots as participants you've invited in order to launch your mission. 


Use automatic scheduling to establish your availability for Live sessions. When scouts are invited, they will be prompted to select from the available time slots.

Follow the steps below to set up your schedule before and after you launch your mission:

  • First, fill in the session length in the top left corner.
  • Then, expand the bulk generate time slot widget and use the mini calendar to specify the start and end date you'd like to complete your sessions by. 
  • Next, select a time frame to restrain where you generate availability time slots on the calendar
  • Optional: you can use the “insert breaks between time slots” by adding in an amount of time. This conveniently lets you space apart the time slots when they are generated using the same break time. You can always individually move time slots on the calendar or manually schedule over these breaks if needed. 

After you click “Generate Time Slots”, available time slots will populate for Live sessions on the calendar. 

  • Time slots can be deleted by clicking on them and clicking the delete icon in the pop up, or if they are unsaved, clicking reset up at the top.
  • You can always click “reset” to remove any unsaved time slots if desired.
  • Overlapping Availability Time Slots: You can create overlapping time slots which will allow multiple scouts schedule themselves for those times. You will need multiple moderators in order to run simultaneous sessions.


Stimuli tab

Use stimuli to present concepts, images, videos, or experiences with scouts to get their reaction and feedback. You'll be able to see scouts' faces and their screens while presenting stimuli to them. Stimuli are organized into boards, which contain the individual pieces of stim and allow you to choose when to share the stim with scouts. Boards can contain multiple files, or individual URLs.

Stimuli can be edited and added after launching your mission, so feel free to come back to this tab if needed!

Read more about stimuli here.



Invites tab

When you get here, you're getting close to mission launch! Use the invites tab to ensure you're inviting the right scouts, and ensure you're communicating the right details to them.

In the Invitation box, you'll find a pre-created invitation message tailored to your mission's selected device type. Click into it to make any edits, or leave it as-is if you like it.


Next, invite scouts and launch your Live mission!

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