Now that you’ve built and launched your Express mission, it’s time to start digging into your data! Once scouts start submitting entries to your Express mission, you're able to start diving into their responses as soon as the entries are processed. Note that only entries that have passed through our system's automated quality assessment will be shown in the viewer.



Entries in the Analyze tab can be organized by Questions, Participants, or Tags:

  • Organizing by questions allows you to quickly see all responses to a particular question. Closed ended questions will show a bar chart, open ended questions will list all responses, and media questions will show a collage of media responses.
  • Organizing by participants allows you to focus on the answers of a particular scout. You can see all of their responses in a single page with this view.
  • Organizing by tags allows you to make connections between responses that you have tagged.

Looking to tag and track more details? You can add tags and scout groups to any and all entries for deeper analysis.

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