Recruiting through the dscout panel

Paying scouts for completing an Express mission is a breeze!

After an entry is assessed for quality, the scout and their entry will be available in the Express mission viewer and put on a 7-day payment hold. During this time, you may review the entry to ensure the scout appropriately responded to all mission prompts. After 7 days, the payment will be automatically released to the scout unless it is flagged for low quality.

Remember: you will need a verified form of payment filed with dscout as you will be charged for these incentives, incentive fees and the associated scout completes. Check in with your dscout Account Manager to learn more about how your account manages incentives + scout completes!


Inviting via a share link (Bring your own participants)

You can bring your own participants to the dscout platform to complete an Express mission by using a share link or through a Private screener. The way your BYO participants will be paid is dependent on the way they were brought into dscout.

  • Private screener - If you screen your participants in dscout through a Private screener in dscout’s Recruit tool, dscout will automatically pay your participants.
  • Share link - If you bring your own participants to the dscout platform through a share link to complete an Express mission, you will be responsible for facilitating payments directly to your participants. These participants will not be auto-paid through dscout, but you will be able to add your incentive in a custom text field as you build your mission. Amount, currency, and type of incentive are up to your discretion.

Read more about bringing your own participants to express here.

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