If you're looking to prompt scouts to record their entire mobile screen and walk you through an experience in a mobile app outside of dscout, we recommend using the Screen Recording - App question type. Native OS screen recording technology is used to record screen activity, and scouts are shown a tutorial on how to screen record (below).

All Android devices with dscout app version 4.19.0 and above

android1.png Android2.png Android3.png


iPhone 8 and below with dscout app version 3.76 and above

i81.png i82.png i83.png i84.png


iPhone X and above with dscout app version 3.76 and above

iphone1.png iphone_2.png iphone3.png



Looking to record a specific link? You can use the Screen Recording - Link question to guide scouts through a specific prototype or website. This tracks and illustrates the scout’s movement via a blue dot in the recording.

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