Have you installed Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the only browser that is compatible with desktop activities of dscout Diary missions, so you'll need to install it in order to complete desktop activities of your mission.


Have you installed the dscout Chrome Extension?

In order to participate in Diary missions with desktop activities, you need to install our Google Chrome extension, which is a small software program we built that allows you to answer mission questions from your desktop or laptop computer, including capturing videos, photos and screen recordings.


Camera/Microphone troubleshooting

Diary missions with desktop activities often require you to capture videos, photos, or screen recordings! You'll need a laptop/desktop with a working camera and microphone in order to complete a Diary mission with desktop activities.


Upload troubleshooting

There could be a number of reasons why your entries or media files aren’t uploading properly. The factors that affect the success of your upload can range from the size of your attached media file to the strength and consistency of your internet connection. 

  • For upload issues and troubleshooting steps for desktop Diary activities, click here

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