Within Express, you have the option to run a Media Survey or a Usability Test activity. Not sure which is the right option for you? You’ve come to the right place. To determine which Activity you want to run, you’ll need to consider your use case and functional capabilities. 

Media Survey

Media Surveys redefine what surveys can be with a compelling, media-rich twist.

Survey data is great for understanding trends, and through the ability to blend quantitative and qualitative research with fast, media-rich feedback, you’ll get more nuanced insights and get stakeholders bought in by seeing real people jump off the page to illustrate those trends. All with the lightweight lift of a basic survey.

Media Survey Examples

  • Capture highlight reels of emotive and articulate video testimonials from users for a stakeholder presentation.
  • Collect 100 photos of scouts’ workstations (or whatever the environmental stimulus of interest may be) to jump-start your product brainstorming session.
  • Get a quick gut check on two low-fidelity concepts before your team decides which route to take. 
  • Launch periodic surveys to keep a finger on the pulse of what your customers think of you and your competitors.

Usability Test

Usability tests empower you to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your product with task-based usability testing. The cornerstones of usability testing are now on dscout – task prompts, usability metrics, click tracking, full session recording, automated transcripts, and more to help you validate and iterate pre- or post-launch.

Usability Test Examples

  • Explore early concepts: Put early-stage ideas in front of your audience to determine which direction you should go in (or if you’re even headed in the right direction). See participants' reactions to general concepts by scheduling a moderated interview or running a quick media-rich survey.
  • Improve your website experience: Gather insights about how people experience your site to quickly identify valuable interactions and solve friction points by running a task-based test with power-up questions and click-mapping events.
  • Test a prototype pre-launch: Validate the usability and effectiveness of your product before launching by gathering early feedback on user experience. Determine task success with usability metrics, and get an auto-transcript of the full session recording to speed up the go-to-market process.
  • Reduce friction in your product: Run continuous task-based tests with Talk Out Loud prompts to see how effective, efficient, and satisfactory your product is, uncover friction points, or find new use cases from customer feedback in a natural environment.

Express Mission Types Capabilities

Capabilities Usability Media-Survey
Recruiting options

Automatic (up to 5 screener questions)
BYO (share link)


Automatic (up to 5 screener questions)
BYO (share link)


Participants limits, incentives & payouts 

Up to 100 participants (auto-recruit)
From $10 - $200 

Payment 8 days after completion

Up to 1,000 participants

From $2 - $25

Payment 8 days after completion

Question limits

Up to 10 task questions

Continuous video, unlimited survey questions, and talk out loud questions. (No photo questions)

Unlimited survey questions

Unlimited photos


Continuous recording (full session)

Link URL and Figma prototypes 

Up to 3 videos or screen recordings (2 min each)

Link URL for screen recording

Targeting attributes  Age, Country, Education, Employment, Household Income, Household Comp., State, Mobile OS, Gender & Ethnicity Age, Country, Education, Employment, Household Income, Household Comp., State, Mobile OS, Gender & Ethnicity
Device support Desktop missions Desktop & mobile missions
Comments & mentions, preview mission (in the Create tab)
Analysis tab

Time on task, number of clicks, completion percentage and effort rating.

Click events

Compile videos and photos
Highlights, clips, quotes, tags
Playlist builder Create playlists from clips Create playlists from video questions


Still not sure which tool is right for your research? Contact your Lead Research Advisor for additional guidance.

Check out these resources to continue with your Express journey: 

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