dscout can generate a custom webpage (formerly known as splash pages) to aid in onboarding your own participants to the dscout platform in order to participate in your mission.

Potential participants can view your mission webpage on their computer or on their smartphone to get the details, download the dscout app (if applicable), and start participating in your mission. Mission webpages can be used as an alternative to inviting a scout directly via email.

When setting up your mission, navigate to the Participants tab under the Set Up page, and toggle on "Allow Signing Up via Webpage". The webpage becomes accessible once your mission has launched, and anyone with the webpage link will be able to sign up for your mission.


To see what your webpage will look like from the scout perspective, hover over the image that appears once webpage sign up is toggled on, and select "Preview in new window".
image (7).png

Once a scout either creates an account or signs in, the mission invite will be waiting for them in the mobile app or desktop web.

If a scout does not have the dscout app but will need the app for a mobile mission, they can click either 'Sign Up' or 'Start Mission' and:

  • If on their computer, enter their mobile phone number to be texted a link to download the app.
  • If on their phone, tap the correct "Download" button to be taken to download the app from the correct app store

Note: For desktop missions, scouts will be able to access the mission via the Chrome extension and will not need to download the dscout app to participate.


Need more help with inviting first-time scouts to your mission? Read our guide!

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