Once you’ve invited your participants and launched your mission, your next step is ensuring they get started. Use the Manage page to track their progress—a scout with an "Invited" flag has not yet accepted their invitation, while a scout who no longer has an "Invited" flag has successfully accepted their invitation.

If your participant is listed as "Invited" but can't find their original invitation link, click their individual message bubble to determine whether or not their unique link is visible under the "Details" tab:

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 4.38.45 PM.png


If their unique link is visible:

This means the participant has not yet created an account (to do that, they need to click the “Claim Your Spot” button in the system email they received). In this situation, their contact (whether that’s you, or a third-party recruiter) should send them their unique link via your original method of contact or via the mission messages. The unique link will allow scouts to create their account just the same way the dscout system email would.

Note: if the issue is the participant's spam filter blocking emails from participate@dscout.com, they may have trouble receiving mission message notifications as well.


If their unique link is not visible:

This means that the participant has created their dscout account already; if they are still in an "Invited" status, this means they're having trouble locating their invite post-account creation. There are a few places they could be stuck:

  • Created account on desktop without realizing they need to download the dscout app
  • Unable to find the dscout app
  • Downloaded app but forgot to log in/forgot password
  • Downloaded app and can’t find mission

In the case where participants are listed as Invited for 24-48 hours but no longer has a unique link, it’s recommended to reach out to them (via dscout OR via another method) to determine where exactly they are stuck. 

If the participant does not have the Invited marker next to their name, this means they have accepted the mission; that is, they have successfully created an account, downloaded the app, logged in, and accepted the mission. They just need to get started with their first entry! In this case you can send them messages through the message icon on the Manage page to prompt them to get started.


Still having trouble? Ask your participant to email help@dscout.com; the dscout Support team will be best equipped to troubleshoot and onboard your participant as quickly as possible.

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