When designing a dscout Recruit screener, Diary, or Express mission, project collaborators can use comments in the builder to share thoughts and feedback directly within the dscout platform. Users with edit access in a project — researchers and Account Owners — can use comments to collaborate. Read more below:

Adding a comment

To create a comment in a screener or Diary mission, highlight the relevant text and click the comment icon (it is shaped like a speech bubble). Your comment will be anchored to this highlighted text. Once you click on the comment icon, a text box will appear. If you click “Must be resolved to launch,” the comment will need to be marked as resolved before the mission can be launched to scouts. 


To create a comment in an Express mission, tap the comment bubble icon in the top right corner of any question you'd like to leave a comment on. The comment icon will then update to indicate the number of comments associated with that particular prompt.

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Mentioning a project collaborator in a comment

If you wish to draw a collaborator’s attention to a comment, you can utilize the @ mentions feature. Begin typing “@” and your collaborator’s first name, last name, or username. As you type, a dropdown list will appear, surfacing matching collaborators that you can select. You can read more about @ mentions here. When you click “Done” to save a comment with an @ mention applied, the tagged collaborator will receive an email notification. 


Reviewing builder comments

Clicking the “Comments” button in the top right corner of the Setup tab (or any tab in Express) will open up the comments sidebar. From here, you can see all of the comments that you and collaborators have added to the mission. Clicking on a comment will take you directly to the relevant spot in the builder. If you click "Reply," you can add a nested comment in response to an existing comment.

If any comment(s) have been marked “Must be resolved to launch,” this will also be indicated in the Before you Launch list.

Note: comments and your comment history are not available post-launch.


Recruit + Diary



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